Gluten Free Certification

1. Excluding gluten from the food you serve

Managing gluten is the best way to exclude gluten from the food you serve. That means managing gluten systematically using effective and efficient steps (often called procedures) to ensure the food does not contain too much gluten. Gluten Management training programmes and consultancy services provide all you need to make sure customers are served well. Please click here for more information

2. Train people to manage gluten free food  Click here for more information

3.  Independent certification

Gluten Management certification provides codes for the management of gluten in food prepared and served by restaurants, eateries, cafés, shops, caterers and other food outlets to safeguard customers who do not want to consume gluten. It is designed to be consistent with HACCP, risk and ISO management system standards and risk philosophies. The codes may be integrated with any existing management system policies and procedures.

Gluten management provides a range of certification programmes for food outlets interested in capturing the market for the growing number of customers who do not want to buy food containing gluten. The world market for gluten-free food is huge and expected to grow massively over the next few years.

Gluten-free customers are serious about what they want. Gluten Management certification provides them with confidence that the food you serve is authentic, safe and reliable. It sets you apart from competitors who only pretend to serve gluten-free food. It promotes the trust in customers necessary to keep them loyal and the encouragement to tell their friends about you.

Gluten Management also promotes the food outlets it certifies.

Key benefits of Gluten Management certification:
• A choice of certification categories to suit your enterprise
• Ability to demonstrate compliance with regulations and good practices associated with excluding gluten from food.
• A principled and outcome focussed approach, in contrast to traditional rules and regulations which quickly become outdated
• Comprehensive guidelines to customise the best way forward for your enterprise
• People focussed training

Gluten Management services are designed to be not too difficult to implement nor too bureaucratic to operate. They can be customised to suit any size, shape or form of food outlet. The certification programme can dovetail with other food safety systems. The Gluten Management practice can be readily automated through the use of good management system software.

Gluten Management provides certification programmes for people who handle and cater for gluten free food in all types and sizes of restaurants and other food outlets, including:

  • Restaurant owners and managers
  • Customer facing staff
  • Kitchen staff
  • Other staff and contractors

The programs are designed to help you ensure the food you buy, prepare and serve is right for gluten sensitive people. We can deliver programs on-line or live, dependent on your requirements.

BRCGS Gluten-Free Certification Program:

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free of charge

Contact us for further information and we’ll guide you through the certification that is most suited to your premises.