Our reason for being here for you

Gluten Management specialise in helping you:
1. Exclude gluten from the food you serve  .....more
2. Train people to manage gluten free food ..... more
3. Independently certify that you serve authentic, safe and reliable gluten-free food .... more

The purpose of Gluten Management is to provide you with gluten-free training programmes, certification and consultation in order to help your business serve gluten-free food. Click here to go direct to our online training courses.

Your customers look for gluten-free food to be:

  • Authentic and consistent with New Zealand and international standards.
  • Wholesome to their dietary requirements and taste
  • Served in a style which they appreciate, trust and can rely upon time after time.

We do this through helping you develop and implement an attractive brand, best practices and ways to ensure the food you buy, store, prepare and serve is just right for your gluten sensitive customers.

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Our Philosophy

We recognize that every restaurant, caterer, cafe or shop is distinctively different with their own way of doing things to attract and retain customers.

Our philosophy is to understand with clients what these distinctions are, or should be, and provide gluten-free management services to preserve, reinforce or enhance them.

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